September District Governor Message

As the dog days of summer give way to autumn, I encourage the Lions of 24-A to plan ahead for two important fall activities.

October is Membership Month and it’s not to early to focus on the two equally important pillars of membership: recruitment and retention. As many of you know, I am not one to focus on numbers. We want members in our Clubs who are excited and invested in improving our organization and providing the maximum amount of service to our communities.

The best way to reach these quality members is to provide a variety of service activities to participate in and advertise those projects. If your Club is small, reach out to neighboring Lions and Leo Clubs to see where you can pool resources. Partner with other groups in your town.  I challenge every member to Just Ask! one person over the next few weeks to help with our service activities and become a Lion.

Electronic communication in the digital age is vitally important. Your District is here to support you through the 24-A Facebook page and web site. To attract members it is important to keep your Club web sites fresh and up to date. If you do a service project or fund raiser, be sure to post photos to your facebook page. Don’t forget member satisfaction is key to keeping your club healthy and strong. Use District and Lions Clubs International resources to create a Lions Club experience your members will want to tell their family and friends about! The Club Excellence Process is a great way to check the pulse of your Club. Reach out to your District 24-A management team if you need assistance with any Club issues.

The Fall Conference is just around the corner on October 17-18. Our break-out sessions will have dynamic facilitators. We will explore how our clubs can have an impact on the most important challenges of our day from cutting edge eye and hearing research to climate change and hunger alleviation initiatives. You will learn how you can participate in all the new District 24-A Service activities including Home of the Holidays and Bull Run Clean up.  We are thrilled to have Immediate Past International President Barry Palmer as our key note speaker. I can attest that Aussie Barry Palmer is a dynamic speaker and an inspirational Lion Leader.

Especially encourage new members of your Club to attend as much of the conference as possible. There is no better way to see the depth and breadth of Lions activities than at a Lions conference. As a special treat, IPIP Palmer will be inducting new members.  And of course, there is no better way to connect with new Lions and celebrate long time Lions friendships than at a festive conference.   The conference will be held at Sheraton Reston Hotel (reservations phone 1-703-620-9000 before September 30 – ask for special room rate for District 24 A Lions Fall Conference.), 11810 Sunrise Valley Drive, Reston VA 20191. Please note registration information and checks need to be sent in by October 10.

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August District Governor’s Message

Lions and Leos,

For me, one of the best thing about being a Lion is the countless wonderful people I have met through Lions service. Everywhere you go, there are Lions Clubs ready to welcome you; be it in a neighboring Club, across the county or around the world.

I encourage each and every Lion in District 24A to visit at least one other club during the year. A visit to another Club’s meeting is a great way to get to know other Lions and get ideas for service projects and fundraisers for your own club. But don’t forget Lions activities as a way to visit as well.   If you love to eat as much as I do, the pulled pork sandwich the Clifton Lions have on offer at their annual Labor Day Car Show can’t be beat. The Remington Lions monthly country dance is another can’t miss activity. Or the various Octoberfests Lions participate in; Middleburg and Purcellville come readily to mind. Hoist a cold one, eat a pancake, have a great time visiting District 24A Lions; I know I will!

If you’ve got an event coming up, be sure to let the other Clubs know by posting to the 24-A Facebook page. You would be amazed at how many friends we Lions have. And share other clubs’ events on your personal newsfeed. Or go “old school” and pick up the phone and call a few friends and head out to a Lions event.

Whether it’s a formal evening at a Charter Night, a picnic or simply saying “yes” to that Lions friend request, reach out an connect with other Lions, you’ll be glad you did!

I call your attention to my visitation pin. It is a depiction of me as a Lion waiter serving you (yes, those are Buffalo wings in a nod to my hometown). I am honored to be the District Leader of such very fine Lions. Lions is about service.  I’m dedicating my year as Governor to service.  Please know that I am serving YOU, the Lions of District 24-A and not the other way around. I encourage you to share with me your aspirations for your Club, Zone and District.   If something isn’t working I want to hear that too.


Thanks for all your hard work!,

DG Jim

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July District Governor’s Message

Lions of 24A,

Thank you for the opportunity to serve you as your District Governor this year.  I have had the honor of being a Lion for 25 years. My journey began when I was just a kid growing up in a suburb of Buffalo, New York. My dad lost his vision due to type one Diabetes and the Lions were there for him and for my family. When I was just starting my career, a Lion came into the Bank Branch where I was working and gave me the opportunity to join the world’ s largest humanitarian service club. Would I have joined Lions without that early help my family received, I can’t say. But what I do know is those fine, generous, Lions that reached out to help a stranger epitomize what Lions is all about. We may never know the difference we make in another person’s life through our service. It’s all about the kid who desperately needs the guidance of the Boy Scout Troup we sponsor. It’s the person who is given the simple gift of a pair of glasses so they can work and support their family. It’s the child on the other side of the world whose life is saved from the measles shot Lions provide.

We owe so much to the Lions that have come before us. They have touched the lives of so many people in so many ways over the almost 100 years of Lion’s existence. They were not afraid to make the sometimes difficult changes needed to make our organization stronger so as to serve more people and ensure our future. I pledge to you that I will honor them by continuing to encourage our Clubs to embrace the positive aspects of social media and technology that are improving our ability to communicate with each other and the communities we serve.

I will also be asking you this year to increase the number of service projects on a Club, Zone, Region and District level. Your District Leaders will be tasked with helping you plan and implement these activities.  I encourage you when you are planning these projects to enlist the ideas of our Leos. Listen to what service projects excite them, and work together to make their ideas a reality.

Hard work? Yes. But we will enjoy ourselves to the fullest along the way. Lion Anne and I are looking forward to all of those fun times we always have spending time with the fine Lions of District 24A who share our passion, TO SERVE.

Your Governor, Jim Ryan

P.S.  I’m trying something new this year with the newsletter.  I want to improve the communications by cutting down the number of pages and doing more online.  Please send me your comments and questions so I can improve with each newsletter.

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